Benefits of Threading


What is Threading?

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique pioneered in the middle east. Threading is primarily used to remove facial hair, but can be used anywhere on the body to remove unwanted hair. In threading, a clinician doubles up a strand of cotton sewing thread, and then by using her teeth to anchor the thread, she frees both of her hands to roll and wrap the thread around unwanted hairs. The threads pull out the hairs in a manner similar to tweezing but much faster. Threading is also less painful and more precise than tweezing or waxing.

How long do the results of threading last?

Since threading pulls the hairs out from the roots, it gives a long lasting results of up to six weeks (depending on your hair growth cycle). Another great advantage of threading is that it removes tiny hairs. It can remove any hair long enough to be entrapped by the thread — as small as a sixteenth of an inch. You can never get that precise with waxing or tweezing. Waxing requires at least a quarter inch of hair growth and tweezing requires hair to be long enough to be seen, grabbed and plucked.

Why choose threading over other hair removal services?

Unlike waxing, threading doesn't require any foreign substances, making it a popular choice for people who would rather not have those materials on their skin. Most dermatologists recommend threading for people that use acne medication. People with sensitive skin often choose threading over any other services because of the negative reaction to waxing or plucking. Waxing can remove a layer of skin along with the hair, especially in people whose skin has become more delicate or fragile in response to treatments. Some other benefits of threading are:

  • Precise hair removal, removes even the finest hair.
  • Very quick, most of the time under 15 minutes.
  • Less painful than plucking or waxing.
  • No skin irritation, only removes hair.
  • Hair removed by the roots, long lasting.

Enough reading! It's time for you to take the right step and make an appointment for threading.